Small Business Thought Leadership and Management Training from Mischa Kaplan

As a small enterprise specialist, Mischa offers a variety of learning experiences designed to help small business owners and managers achieve their maximum potential as leaders and entrepreneurs.

Featured Learning Experiences

The Small Business Perspective

Success in small business management is all about turning yourself into a “learning machine”. In this dynamic and unique educational experience, learn how business masters like Charlie Munger, Mark Zuckerberg and Warren Buffett have mastered the art of self-education. The tools in this seminar will help you become a more effective and balanced leader, manager, and business thinker.

Military Lessons for Achieving Management Success

Militaries in the western world have largely perfected the ability of turning goals into actions. As a former Canadian Army officer and as an individual who has completed some of the Canadian Army’s most challenging leadership courses, Mischa has learned first-hand how to turn plans into actions, and how to think in a results-oriented capacity. In this seminar, learn some of the military’s best-kept secrets for decisive leadership, including some basic tricks for workflow management, team leadership, and adapting quickly to changing workplace and market conditions.

The Forgotten Cornerstone of Small Business Management

As an entrepreneur or small business owner, it’s easy to forget that your company is an investment, and should therefore be treated as such. We’re often told that investors should be rational, while entrepreneurs and business owners should be passionate. In this cutting-edge exploration of the relationship between entrepreneurship and investing, learn why passion and rationality should in fact reinforce each other. No one would argue against the idea that entrepreneurship is risky. In Entrepreneur as Investor, learn how to properly manage this risk by thinking like an investor.

A Blueprint for Success in an Age of Uncertainty

To be successful in today’s age of economic uncertainty, a small business owner must be a “total package” individual. Join Mischa as he examines this concept in full, and learn how to build your own circle of competence within your business and within the context of your role as a manager and leader. Seminar attendees will leave this learning experience with a comprehensive guide to seeing oneself as a leader capable of working across a range of challenges and opportunities. The Small Business Circle of Competence is a learning path and practical tool for implementing real change in your organization and in yourself.

How Small Organizations Can Successfully Build and Implement a Realistic Sustainability Plan

Sustainability has gone from being a business buzzword to becoming a crucial piece of corporate success. Numerous large corporations have now begun to master business sustainability as a key operating practice, but what about smaller companies and startups that are working with more limited resources? In this cutting edge seminar, learn how to harness the flexibility and dynamism of your small enterprise in order to achieve stunning results in the area of business sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

Why Some Companies Must Do More With Less, and How to Beat the Cycle

Aimed at both for-profit and non-profit small enterprises, this seminar takes as its starting point the idea that most small enterprises are expected to achieve the same results as larger competitors, but with significantly smaller resources. Whether it’s building a sustainability strategy with limited knowledge, planning for capital budgeting items without producing adequate free cash flow to cover these items, or adequately marketing or branding your product or service, managers of small enterprises are consistently asked to produce big results without having access to the resources they need. In this engaging and original learning experience, learn why this paradox exists and how to embrace it, thereby turning a major disadvantage into one of your organization’s greatest strengths.